The Falling

September 23, 2013

Well since we got into Cheyane mountain yesterday we felt safe sleeping, even though . That was a big mistake since the marines that were in here came in with guns drawn telling us to get up. Pete started yelling and rolling around on the ground like he was crazy, (These guys may not know that he was a little crazy, but that is fine), one of the guys started to shot at him when he wouldn’t stop his craziness. Neil and Dan started to go after the other guy and Neil ended up injuring the guy’s knee with his flashlight, which then Dan shot him in the head. The first marine killed Pete, which I then was able to attack him even though he shot at me. I ended up chopping off his arm. Dan then finished him off, with another shot to the head. Neil then took off to go and find Rain, he comes back and he and Bethany go get Rain and carry her back. We search around for the ops room and check on the radio system. We took Pete outside and bury him. We then take all the other bodies outside and start to burn them, Rain desecrates the marine bodies. We continue to search the facilities. Dan and I find a guy injured and unconscious and call for Dy’qhan. We then use a cot and carry him back to the main room. We then finish searching around. Dan takes the time and learns the way to use the radio. We start cleaning up the different rooms because they were a mess after what those guys allowed to happen.

September 24, 2013
We are still cleaning up the rooms and trying to see if we can reach anyone. When we stopped for lunch I started to hear a voice in my head, as did everyone else. It is telling us that the enthrallers are coming and things are going to get worse. More survivors will be coming our way as well. Our edge will be that our potential will be unlocked and that this voice is going to be unlocking it. Some people are in Kentucky. The first enthrallers will be here in two days, is named Three. Four enthrallers all together; Three, Eleven, Seven, and Fourteen are coming. Eleven is thirty-five feet tall, Three is six feet tall, Seven is twelve feet tall, Fourteen is six feet tall.

Life is going on

This morning we all decided that we should set up the mountain area with things that we need to if we hap0pen to have to head up there to survive. Rain, Pete, Juan, Dy’qhan, Williams and I headed off to the base for more supplies. As we were going we ran into a big group of these dead walking and Williams got out to go check things out in the middle. Rain got out of her car and Juan jumped into the driver seat and started to head into the middle of the walking dead, ends up running into Williams. Rain jumped on the car and started yelling at Juan and then runs to get Williams from the ground. Dy’qhan gets out to help out and he and Rain put Williams in the car with Juan and head back to the house to fix up Williams leg while Rain, Pete and I continue down the road to the base. Along the way we are taking some back streets that seem a little less crowded. We almost run into a truck that is coming down the road. We meet and older man who was in the millatary at one time. We find the armory and start to pack things from the store into the helicopter and then hear a gun shot over the radio when Rain is talking to them checking in. We head back to the house to see what is going on in the helicopter. We are then told that Juan has shot William in the leg and then that Patrik has shot Juan. things have gone very bad and now Juan will not be a problem for a little while. Rain puts duct tape on Juan’s hands even though Dy’qhan says there is no reason to do so. Once things have settled down and we head back to the base. Try to get into the armory and can not get in. Finish gathering things up and takes everything up to the mountains. Pete and I take the helicopter up and get ride of the bodies. On the way back down Pete wants to get some chickens and stuff to keep them in. I say we should start to gather some gardening supplies to get a garden going. The last thing that we did today was go back to the Intel place and they picked up the people over there. One of the ladies over there was a nurse. Well tomorrow is a new day and I will just have to see what goes on.


Few Days Later

Well some of the bodies are still getting up and moving around. Things are seeming very weird. They brought one of the bodies in and took her into the back yard and were messing around trying to see what she would do. When they were done they took her next door and tied her to the tree in that backyard, gave her food. During all of this Pete took off and no one knew where he had gone to. When Dy’qhan was on watch that night Pete came back with some new supplies and a book. Dy’qhan gave me the book when it was my time for watch and it was a very interesting read about how to survive against zombies. We have been discussing moving our location. It just needed to be figured out where we were going to go. Some wanted to go up to the top of the mountain and others have said there is a house just off the end of a road that is secluded. They took the helicopter off to check out both of the areas while the rest of us went to get some supplies to last us for a little while. I also get some oils to take care of the swords that I do have with me. Hopefully I will be able to get some more of them. We filled up three humves, a APC, and the front of a gasoline truck, and then headed across town in them. The gasoline truck moved all the other cars out of our way as we went. Once we got to the new house at the top of a hill we had to move all the walking bodies out and then took the cars down the hill so that we can keep one of the helicopters close by. Hopefully we wont have to keep watch too much longer during the night. Rain may continue to make us keep watch. We will have to see.


Second Day

Well things are still getting interesting. Today we heard from some people on the other side of town and Rain, Dy’qhan, Pete, and the kid went over to check on them. They didn’t want to relocate so Dy’qhan told the guy there how to use the medical equipment as well as how to deal with the injury one of the old ladies had. They broadcasted the message over on that side of town as well. We also got another guy in to the group in the middle of the night. Patrik was left on guard and wasn’t told and so he completely freaked out when the guy entered the room and woke everyone else up. Great way to start the day off. I started to dig a hole down the street in one of the yards for the body of the man of our new home. The day was going good, when all of a sudden there were bodies getting up off the ground and wondering around. They were unresponsive to talking or touch. No one understands what is going on and so far we don’t know what is going to happen next. I guess all we can really do is see what happens.


First day after destruction

Yesterday was Friday September 13, 2013 and I was asked by Master Carl asked me to help them with a stand they had for their state fair in Albuquerque New Mexico, which of course I agreed to do. I was there with them all day, and as the day was ending something strange happened. All of a sudden the whole building was quiet, and I watched as everyone around just fell to the ground as if they were dead. It just so happened that they all were dead. I didn’t know what to do, so I left the building. I was a little freaked out.
As I was leaving the building there was a kid barreling past me super fast as if something was after him. This scared me even more. As I was sneaking around the fence away from the kid trying to get to my car I ran straight into someone and right away took up a defensive stance. It turns out it is a female marine and we started to go our separate ways. There was a man across the way from us who is talking on a block of wood to the president. This marine says her name is Rain and we go towards the area that the rides are in since it seems that they are shutting down so maybe there are more people alive over there. As we are walking that direction we come upon the kid who was running away along with another guy he has found whose name is Dy’qhan. We all start to talk about our experience and decide to go to the hospital that Dy’qhan is studying through to become a doctor. I offered to drive everyone there in my V.W. Bus and so we headed towards it. Once there we found out that there is no way we can get it out of the parking lot seeing as how two cars had crashed in the tunnel leading out. We took some of the weapons from my car just in case we run into any danger and then headed to the hospital on foot. When we came upon a police car and Rain insisted that we take some of the weapons in there. Upon getting to the hospital we found out that there still was no one alive there. Dy’qhan logged on to one of the computers to see what he could find out. I decided to see if maybe I could get some sleep.
When I woke up in the morning we all discussed what we should do now. Dy’qhan said that he could not find any reason that we were all still alive and everyone else was dead. We raided the pharmacy and what not to see what we could get that could be useful later. We also took the paramedic bags from the ambulances in the er bays. We all then had a bite to eat, and then we got a call from a lady named Emma from Sweden. She said that all her family was dead and had seen a post of Patrick’s on facebook. She was really scared and we told her she needed to find someone in her government hopefully one of them would be alive. We told her that we would get back to her in about 6 hours, which we had to be by a computer so that we could use a translating service to talk with her. Once we finished eating someone realized that the homeless guy who was with us named Pete was missing. All of a sudden we heard a helicopter that landed out in the circle area of the hospital. Turns out Pete knows how to fly a helicopter and so we got the gurney out and then all jumped aboard and took off towards the Air Force Base they have here. Once there half of us went to their command-post and the others stayed with the helicopter. Rain went into the command-post and left Patrik and I outside to guard and we were waiting for a guy who was on base to come and meet us. Rain found no one alive in the command-post, so we went to the copter pads and told Pete to come in. Peter and Rain then went up to broadcast for people to come to the base to regroup with us. Dy’qhan took the air force guy and the little kid who found us to the store with him to gather some supplies. Patrik and I looked for a house that we could set up in. We found the perfect house and only had to take one body out of it. It was once two houses but was then combined into one big house. Patrik and I rolled up the body in a rug and put it out by the curb. Everyone came back to the house with us and we started making signs to hang out by the gates to lead people in to us. Rain, Dy’qhan, Patrik and the boy went to a house and tried to call Emma and see if she had found anyone else over there. During their call Emma ended up killing herself and it freaked the boy out. The Air Force officer Williams made everyone dinner and then there was a knock on the door. A lady came in with her baby and Dy’qhan tried to tell her that her baby was dead, so she freaked out and Rain shot her right in the head. We took the bodies outside and then everyone headed off to bed. It has been a really long day, and hopefully I will be able to sleep some.


Sat, Sept. 14th

I don’t know where to begin…
On the Ferris Wheel they all started coughing up blood. I didn’t know what to do. I froze. I panicked! I’ll never make it as a doctor. I couldn’t do shit for anyone. Round and round, Candy starring blankly into my eyes. I’ve seen cadavers before, but this was different. She was judging me. They were all judging me. I must have been on that damn ferris wheel for hours before i jumped off. You know how they describe old civil war battles, or even the D-Day invasion, where you can’t step anywhere without stepping on a body, it was like that except with out the concussive blast of artillery or the banging of guns. Just the incessant laugh track and up beat music of the carnival rides. As i was turning the rides off i ran into a young man about high school age. He smelled of vomit and seemed terrified that the army was coming after him. I asked him if he knew what had happened or what was going on, but he seems pretty adamant that the military was behind whatever is going on. Shortly after Patrick calmed down he led me to a group of survivors, a crazed woman that sells blades out her van, a marine and a homeless man that carries around a cocktail of prescription drugs. After talking with the marine, Rayne, who has officially dubbed me Kobe, and i in turn have officially dubbed G.I. Jane, I have determined that the U.S. gov. had nothing to do with this.

A consumption swept through the crowd
distorted faces
like wet black boughs

The rest of my party seems gun hungry and don’t really seem to have problems looting from the dead. We spent the night at University Hospital thinking that we would be able to find help here, or at least another surviver, but their are only more dead bodies. There is some good news, however. We posted some threads on various online forums and we actually got a response!A woman named Emma from Sweden called us and reported that the same thing has been happening over there, bet at least we know that there are others who weren’t affected. Rayne wants to go to the base, lets hope that the government made it through this.

Thurs, Sept 12th

Chopin never met the dress code for his piano.
A smudge on a cockroach,
hair dye streaking his cheeks,
little bits of condensation spotting his brow.
It’s not clear,
the credit he receives.
Or maybe it’s my own reflection I see
on the CD shelf.

I finally worked up the courage to ask out the waitress from Denny’s, Candy. She suggested that we go to the state fair tomorrow. I’m pretty excited! I’ve been kinda lonely being away from home. Jeez! I know what Travis would say about Candy, “Hit it and split it!” I’ll be sure to tel him of my exploits, yadda i mean!
Fuck! My second year of med school and this is the first date i get. Well, i hope she knows what this is all about. I spend some money play some games and get some play. Oh yeah, Mom and Dad said they’ll fly me back home for thanksgiving. That’ll be awesome! Can’t wait to have some home made Jerk.

They Fall at Night

It began on 9-13-2013:

Five individuals have been through a literal hell. All those around have died suddenly their only hope is each other. All facilites are up and running, for now. They have been contacted by Emma, and older Swedish lady via phone call. They have full stomachs and need to move…

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