The Falling

Thurs, Sept 12th

Chopin never met the dress code for his piano.
A smudge on a cockroach,
hair dye streaking his cheeks,
little bits of condensation spotting his brow.
It’s not clear,
the credit he receives.
Or maybe it’s my own reflection I see
on the CD shelf.

I finally worked up the courage to ask out the waitress from Denny’s, Candy. She suggested that we go to the state fair tomorrow. I’m pretty excited! I’ve been kinda lonely being away from home. Jeez! I know what Travis would say about Candy, “Hit it and split it!” I’ll be sure to tel him of my exploits, yadda i mean!
Fuck! My second year of med school and this is the first date i get. Well, i hope she knows what this is all about. I spend some money play some games and get some play. Oh yeah, Mom and Dad said they’ll fly me back home for thanksgiving. That’ll be awesome! Can’t wait to have some home made Jerk.



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