The Falling

September 23, 2013

Well since we got into Cheyane mountain yesterday we felt safe sleeping, even though . That was a big mistake since the marines that were in here came in with guns drawn telling us to get up. Pete started yelling and rolling around on the ground like he was crazy, (These guys may not know that he was a little crazy, but that is fine), one of the guys started to shot at him when he wouldn’t stop his craziness. Neil and Dan started to go after the other guy and Neil ended up injuring the guy’s knee with his flashlight, which then Dan shot him in the head. The first marine killed Pete, which I then was able to attack him even though he shot at me. I ended up chopping off his arm. Dan then finished him off, with another shot to the head. Neil then took off to go and find Rain, he comes back and he and Bethany go get Rain and carry her back. We search around for the ops room and check on the radio system. We took Pete outside and bury him. We then take all the other bodies outside and start to burn them, Rain desecrates the marine bodies. We continue to search the facilities. Dan and I find a guy injured and unconscious and call for Dy’qhan. We then use a cot and carry him back to the main room. We then finish searching around. Dan takes the time and learns the way to use the radio. We start cleaning up the different rooms because they were a mess after what those guys allowed to happen.

September 24, 2013
We are still cleaning up the rooms and trying to see if we can reach anyone. When we stopped for lunch I started to hear a voice in my head, as did everyone else. It is telling us that the enthrallers are coming and things are going to get worse. More survivors will be coming our way as well. Our edge will be that our potential will be unlocked and that this voice is going to be unlocking it. Some people are in Kentucky. The first enthrallers will be here in two days, is named Three. Four enthrallers all together; Three, Eleven, Seven, and Fourteen are coming. Eleven is thirty-five feet tall, Three is six feet tall, Seven is twelve feet tall, Fourteen is six feet tall.



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