The Falling

Second Day

Well things are still getting interesting. Today we heard from some people on the other side of town and Rain, Dy’qhan, Pete, and the kid went over to check on them. They didn’t want to relocate so Dy’qhan told the guy there how to use the medical equipment as well as how to deal with the injury one of the old ladies had. They broadcasted the message over on that side of town as well. We also got another guy in to the group in the middle of the night. Patrik was left on guard and wasn’t told and so he completely freaked out when the guy entered the room and woke everyone else up. Great way to start the day off. I started to dig a hole down the street in one of the yards for the body of the man of our new home. The day was going good, when all of a sudden there were bodies getting up off the ground and wondering around. They were unresponsive to talking or touch. No one understands what is going on and so far we don’t know what is going to happen next. I guess all we can really do is see what happens.




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