The Falling

Sat, Sept. 14th

I don’t know where to begin…
On the Ferris Wheel they all started coughing up blood. I didn’t know what to do. I froze. I panicked! I’ll never make it as a doctor. I couldn’t do shit for anyone. Round and round, Candy starring blankly into my eyes. I’ve seen cadavers before, but this was different. She was judging me. They were all judging me. I must have been on that damn ferris wheel for hours before i jumped off. You know how they describe old civil war battles, or even the D-Day invasion, where you can’t step anywhere without stepping on a body, it was like that except with out the concussive blast of artillery or the banging of guns. Just the incessant laugh track and up beat music of the carnival rides. As i was turning the rides off i ran into a young man about high school age. He smelled of vomit and seemed terrified that the army was coming after him. I asked him if he knew what had happened or what was going on, but he seems pretty adamant that the military was behind whatever is going on. Shortly after Patrick calmed down he led me to a group of survivors, a crazed woman that sells blades out her van, a marine and a homeless man that carries around a cocktail of prescription drugs. After talking with the marine, Rayne, who has officially dubbed me Kobe, and i in turn have officially dubbed G.I. Jane, I have determined that the U.S. gov. had nothing to do with this.

A consumption swept through the crowd
distorted faces
like wet black boughs

The rest of my party seems gun hungry and don’t really seem to have problems looting from the dead. We spent the night at University Hospital thinking that we would be able to find help here, or at least another surviver, but their are only more dead bodies. There is some good news, however. We posted some threads on various online forums and we actually got a response!A woman named Emma from Sweden called us and reported that the same thing has been happening over there, bet at least we know that there are others who weren’t affected. Rayne wants to go to the base, lets hope that the government made it through this.



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