The Falling

Life is going on

This morning we all decided that we should set up the mountain area with things that we need to if we hap0pen to have to head up there to survive. Rain, Pete, Juan, Dy’qhan, Williams and I headed off to the base for more supplies. As we were going we ran into a big group of these dead walking and Williams got out to go check things out in the middle. Rain got out of her car and Juan jumped into the driver seat and started to head into the middle of the walking dead, ends up running into Williams. Rain jumped on the car and started yelling at Juan and then runs to get Williams from the ground. Dy’qhan gets out to help out and he and Rain put Williams in the car with Juan and head back to the house to fix up Williams leg while Rain, Pete and I continue down the road to the base. Along the way we are taking some back streets that seem a little less crowded. We almost run into a truck that is coming down the road. We meet and older man who was in the millatary at one time. We find the armory and start to pack things from the store into the helicopter and then hear a gun shot over the radio when Rain is talking to them checking in. We head back to the house to see what is going on in the helicopter. We are then told that Juan has shot William in the leg and then that Patrik has shot Juan. things have gone very bad and now Juan will not be a problem for a little while. Rain puts duct tape on Juan’s hands even though Dy’qhan says there is no reason to do so. Once things have settled down and we head back to the base. Try to get into the armory and can not get in. Finish gathering things up and takes everything up to the mountains. Pete and I take the helicopter up and get ride of the bodies. On the way back down Pete wants to get some chickens and stuff to keep them in. I say we should start to gather some gardening supplies to get a garden going. The last thing that we did today was go back to the Intel place and they picked up the people over there. One of the ladies over there was a nurse. Well tomorrow is a new day and I will just have to see what goes on.




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