The Falling

Few Days Later

Well some of the bodies are still getting up and moving around. Things are seeming very weird. They brought one of the bodies in and took her into the back yard and were messing around trying to see what she would do. When they were done they took her next door and tied her to the tree in that backyard, gave her food. During all of this Pete took off and no one knew where he had gone to. When Dy’qhan was on watch that night Pete came back with some new supplies and a book. Dy’qhan gave me the book when it was my time for watch and it was a very interesting read about how to survive against zombies. We have been discussing moving our location. It just needed to be figured out where we were going to go. Some wanted to go up to the top of the mountain and others have said there is a house just off the end of a road that is secluded. They took the helicopter off to check out both of the areas while the rest of us went to get some supplies to last us for a little while. I also get some oils to take care of the swords that I do have with me. Hopefully I will be able to get some more of them. We filled up three humves, a APC, and the front of a gasoline truck, and then headed across town in them. The gasoline truck moved all the other cars out of our way as we went. Once we got to the new house at the top of a hill we had to move all the walking bodies out and then took the cars down the hill so that we can keep one of the helicopters close by. Hopefully we wont have to keep watch too much longer during the night. Rain may continue to make us keep watch. We will have to see.




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